Knowledge Forums

The AO's Knowledge Forums (KFs) are expert-driven global clinical study groups generating and disseminating knowledge.  

They were established by AO Spine in October 2010 to conduct evidence-based research in the spine pathologies of tumor, deformity, spinal cord injury (SCI), trauma and infection, and degenerative disease. The study results are published and disseminated in the most influential journals and conferences all over the world. Their output ensures that AO Spine remains the premier innovator and knowledge provider of spine care worldwide. 

How we work

Each AO Spine KF is led by a Steering Committee comprised of up to ten internationally-recognized pathology-specific experts and are supported by 30+ members. Members have been selected based on their research expertise, clinical involvement, and caseload. They meet to discuss research, identify the global clinical need, then formulate and execute clinical studies to advance their field of spine expertise. Today, there are more than 200+ expert spine clinicians and researchers from over 33 countries contributing as members of the AO Spine KFs.

“I had this idea that knowledge is power. In the future, organizations that create knowledge will have the power."

Luiz Vialle, Founder of the Knowledge Forums

AO Spine Knowledge Forums

KF Tumor

Leading the way in spine oncology research—an international network of spine oncology centers committed to collaborative prospective multicenter research.

KF Deformity

Creating a common language and framework for all parties with focus on both adolescent and adult deformity patients.

KF Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Building on worldwide partnerships for global impact—defining new treatment approaches to enhance outcomes for all SCI patients.

KF Trauma and Infection

Systematically bringing the world on the same page by developing simple, clinically useful, diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms.

KF Degenerative

Helping surgeons to make the best choice—increasing awareness of evidence supporting the use of different osteobiologic products.

Latest Knowledge Forum Outcomes
and Clinical Tools


Injury classification systems

Download AO Spine Classification System toolkits and watch the instructional videos: thoracolumbar, sacral, subaxial, and upper cervical.



Learn more about this validated reliable outcome tool for spine oncology patients by AO Spine Knowledge Forum Tumor.


Treatment guidelines

Discover the AO Spine Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy and Traumatic SCI.

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