AO Technical Commission Meet the Experts 

Excellence in innovation on display.

This popular format offers the opportunity to learn about the AO Technical Commission's most recently approved medical devices and to explore hot topics in trauma and orthopedic surgery. The sessions showcase clinical benefits of innovative devices and surgical techniques which are so new that they have not yet been included in AO course programs.

In an engaging series of stage shows featuring practical demonstrations, expert surgeons who are directly involved in the development of new implants and instruments present clinical cases and explain the benefits of new solutions for patient care. The sessions are streamed live and available thereafter on our website.

Meet the Experts 2019

 Wherever you are in the world, whatever your field of interest, Meet the Experts has something for you.

RIA 2—The Next Generation Reamer-Irrigator-Aspirator

Two world experts in the use of the RIA present RIA 2, the next generation reamer irrigator aspirator, due for market release in early 2020 discuss the advantages of new design features, a demonstration of the assembly and use of the device, and clinical case discussions.

Planning and Performing Maxillo-Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis

Focusing on planning workflows and surgical techniques for the accurate planning and performance of CMF Distraction in patients requiring gradual expansion for new bone formation and soft tissue adaption.

Application of the LCP Distal Femur Plate in Comminuted Fractures of the Proximal Phalanx in Horses

Comminuted fractures of the proximal phalanx are common injuries in horses. Although the prognosis for survival is guarded and complications are common, the currently recommended treatment is to immobilize the distal limb in a transfixation cast. Biological bridge plating using the human LCP Distal Femur Plate can provide a better alternative to a transfixation cast for surgical management of highly comminuted fractures with fewer complications and better long-term outcomes. The plate was recently approved for veterinary applications and therefore F. Rossignol and his colleagues give an insight into the newly developed technique.

Patient Specific Procedures in CMF—State of the Art

Focusing on planning workflows, tools and established guidelines for the accurate planning and design of Patient Specific Implants and Osteotomy Guides.

Elastic Nailing for Children's Fractures: How to Avoid Complications

Elastic stable intramedullary nailing (ESIN) has become the method of choice for internal fixation of long bones in children and young adults of 4–14 years of age. However, ESIN treatment may lead to complications like loss of reduction following push-out of the nails at the entry site, especially in unstable femoral shaft fractures. The rate of complication—nail migration with subsequent soft-tissue and skin irritation—was reported to be as high as 5–12%. In this Webcast, U. Narayanan and T. Slongo provide a hands-on session about best practice with ESIN to avoid complications in pediatric fracture treatment.

Minimal Invasive Rib Stabilization

Chest wall trauma with multiple rib fractures and flail chest remain lethal injuries with mortality rates as high as 20% and major complication rates of up to 40%. The latest innovations provide surgeons the necessary tools to adequately address the surgical repair of rib fractures, and since then, the number of surgical stabilization of rib fractures has increased. The continued development of tools allows the surgical stabilization of rib fractures through smaller incisions and the application of this surgery to a greater percentage of patients. In this webcast, two leading experts in thoracic surgery provide insight into minimally invasive rib stabilization using the recently approved self-drilling screws in a Synbone chest-wall model.

Fracture Related Infection—New Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment

Willem Metsemakers and Bill Obremskey present new evidence-based consensus recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of fracture-related infection (FRI). Topics include diagnostic techniques and treatment principles covering soft tissue management and strategies for local and systemic antimicrobial treatment.

AO Recon—Introduction to AO Recon Complex Exercises

This webcast offers an insight into the brand new AORecon dry bone practical exercises developed in 2019 to enhance the AO Recon Complex course on Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. Our experts in the field discuss the development of the exercises and demonstrate some of the models at the AO Davos Courses 2019. The last part of the webinar includes time for in-depth questions and answers.


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