AO's innovation funding portfolio

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Development Incubator

Focuses on product ideas to advance clinical innovations in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.


Protective coating layer to reduce wear-related knee joint pain

Tether Pedicle Screw

Safe, effective, and easy-to-use Tether Pedicle Screw

Momentum Health

New digital health app to remotely screen scoliosis in patients

Biphasic Plate

Improving stabilization by providing a predictable mechanical environment fracture

Fracture Monitor

Implantable telemetric sensor system for monitoring of bone healing

Distal Radius Intramedullary Nail

(DRIM-Nail) for the fixation of extraarticular fractures


Sound-Wave Induced Morphogenesis (3D SIM) is poised to revolutionize tissue engineering

Small bone external fixator

Versatile and simple system for external fixation of fractures of fingers

Strategy Fund

Focuses on innovative ideas that strengthen the AO position in surgeon education, digitalization, pre-clinical and clinical research tools.


AO Extended Reality (XR) pioneers integration of mixed-reality (MR) technologies into surgical education

Surgical videos in education

Creating high-quality surgical video material with multichannel applications

AO's Clinical Study Hub

Designed as one large prospective clinical project consisting of multiple sub-projects


Leveraging artificial intelligence in two pilot projects


A new, interactive, virtual osteosynthesis software tool and learning platform


Digitally enhanced hands-on surgical training.

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