AO Education Institute

To further the AO mission, the AO Education Institute advances trusted learning programs for healthcare professionals.

Curriculum development

We develop competency-based programs for all AO clinical areas.

Faculty development

We foster and develop a global pool of world-class clinical teachers.

Teaching material development

Whatever is needed to support learning: books, journals, videos, websites, eLearning—we create it.

Medical education research & engagement

We promote and conduct medical education research to continuously improve medical education



We see postgraduate medical education as a change process.

The team

Meet our team of multi-disciplinary experts.

Advisory committee

World-leading experts help the AO to stay best-in-class.

Educational products

Publications and journals

The AO has its own dedicated team of specialists that supports the AO network of surgeons to publish in all types of media.

Apps and online platforms

Delivering relevant information at your fingertips when needed is our passion. We build genuine apps and dedicated websites.


From interactive webinars and webcasts to stand-alone eLearning hubs-the AO Education Institute facilitates all delivery modalities and technologies with dedicated teams of experts.

“The AO Education Institute has achieved global academic recognition in the areas of faculty development and learner focused curriculum development. With continued visionary leadership and dedicated, substantial Foundation support for educational innovation, the Institute can become the recognized world leader in the assessment of medical education and the quality benchmark.”

Teija Lund (Finland), Chairperson AO Education Institute Advisory Committee

Continuing medical education (CME) mission

The CME mission of the AO Foundation is to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary needs-based education to surgeons, fellows, and residents in the specialties of orthopedics, hand, craniomaxillofacial, spine, neurosurgery, and veterinary surgery in the areas of trauma (ie, operative reduction and fixation), degenerative disorders, deformities, tumors, and reconstruction.
Expected results of the CME activities for surgeons, fellows, and residents are to:

  • Increase their knowledge base and surgical skill level.

  • Improve competence by applying advances of knowledge in patient care in the areas of
    trauma, degenerative disorders, deformities, tumors, and reconstructive surgical techniques.

  • Address practice performance gaps by improving the management of aspects of traumatic
    injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (ie, preoperative planning to postoperative care).