Biomechanical testing and modelling

Biomechanical modeling, testing and prototyping to find optimal solutions to clinical questions


Study design
  • Customized experimental model development to answer a wide range of research questions

Biomechanical testing

State of the art test equipment

  • Servo hydraulic test machines
  • Electro dynamic test machines
  • Electro mechanical test machines
  • X-ray, video, and motion tracking analyses
  • Tailored test setups
  • Advanced testing protocols using in vivo recorded load patterns

Computer aided design / Finite elements analysis

Design, testing, and analysis of implants, instruments, prostheses, and bone-implant constructions

  • Well equipped prototype workshop
  • Milling, turning, wire cutting electrical discharge machining (EDM), and surface finishing
  • Production of high quality instruments, test rigs, and prototype implants

Preparation rooms
  • Well equipped anatomy laboratories for specimen preparation, instrumentation, and embedding
  • Testing on a variety of human and animal cadaveric bones



  • Multidisciplinary team (engineers, physicists, technicians, medical fellows)
  • Highly trained polymechanics for computer numeric control (CNC) machines



Ulrich Bentz

AO Research Institute Davos
Clavadelerstrasse 8
7270 Davos Platz

Tel.: +41 81 414 23 26

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