AO's innovation funding

We drive your idea toward success with expertise and funding.

We put our researchers, surgeons, and independent industry experts to work for your idea, and we think beyond traditional boundaries.

The AO's four-step formula for success

Your idea for improving patient care or surgeon education should:

  • Provide an innovative solution to a real clinical/educational problem
  • Have the potential to be patent protected
  • Be driven by your plan, passion, and determination to make it happen
  • Be suitable to scale

We support you with funding and expertise to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property protection, development and manufacturing, regulatory approval, building clinical evidence, and an exit strategy.

You gain access to a global network of 520,000 health care professionals in the musculoskeletal field.

Together, we can make an impact by improving patient care and surgeon education.

We share the labor and its yield, to the benefit of all.

Bring your idea to life!

Anyone can apply by February 29, 2024

Learn about the process under the FAQ and if you still have questions, drop us an e-mail!

You can review the format here before applying below.

Project Portfolio

Development Incubator

Focuses on product ideas to advance clinical innovations in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Tether Pedicle Screw

Safe, effective, and easy-to-use Tether Pedicle Screw 

Momentum Health

New digital health app to remotely screen scoliosis in patients 


Bio-ECM offers a safe and effective, treatment option for bone growth and bridging of bone defects.

Biphasic Plate

Improving fracture stabilization by providing a predictable mechanical environment at the fracture

Distal Radius Intramedullary Nail

(DRIM-Nail) for the fixation of extraarticular fractures


Sound-Wave Induced Morphogenesis (3D SIM) is poised to revolutionize tissue engineering

Small bone external fixator

Versatile and simple system for external fixation of fractures of fingers

Strategy Fund

Focuses on innovative ideas that strengthen the AO position in surgeon education, digitalization, pre-clinical and clinical research tools.


Leveraging artificial intelligence in two pilot projects, respectively with the University of Turin and 
the University Hospital of Ulm

AO's Clinical Study Hub

Designed as one large prospective clinical project consisting of multiple ongoing sub-projects (trials)

Flexible, 3D Printed Fracture Models

For improved and realistic surgeon education   

Integrated navigation and robotics systems

Robot-assisted technology to revolutionize sacroiliac luxation/fracture reduction and fixation


A new, interactive, virtual osteosynthesis software tool and learning platform


Digitally enhanced hands-on surgical training (DEHST). A new generation of hybrid surgical training tools

We believe that surrounding yourself with the right people makes all the difference in the world.

Let us introduce you to our multidisciplinary team of innovation mentors.

Technology Transfer Board

Michael Schütz


Anita Ignatius

Jill Helms

Lingga Tanamal

Robert Frigg

Joost de Bruijn

Strategy Fund Committee

Florian Gebhard


Jeffrey Wang

Travis Tollefson

Erik Asimus

Brett Crist