AO Fracture Monitor

Implantable telemetric sensor system to monitor bone healing

This biofeedback sensor system continuously and objectively monitors bone healing progression. It is an innovative approach to individualizing patient rehabilitation in fracture care, currently moving closer to clinical trials. It involves an implantable data logger attached to a standard bone plate and a smartphone app that wirelessly connects with the data logger, downloading the information. A central web server collects and stores data from the patient’s smartphone for visualization, and the patient’s physician gains a high-value aid to their decision-making on further treatment. [Continue to read]

Designed to...

  • Personalize treatment by delivering continuous patient activity and weigh-tbearing (mobility) data.
  • Get people back on their feet, sooner. This is better for patients, and reduces associated costs.
  • Detect healing complications early. Increasing patient treatment efficiency.
  • Reduce hospital visits by enabling remote checkĀ­ups from home. Easier for patients, more efficient use of healthcare resources.

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