Clinical Operations

Within the AO ITC, and in cooperation with the AO's clinical divisions, its clinical unit AO Recon, the AO Technical Commission, and the AO's global network of over 215,000 surgeons, we strive to conduct high-impact clinical studies.

What we do

As part of the AO ITC, together with Clinical Science, we are the AO's clinical research provider. With about 30 clinical research specialists (project managers, medical advisers, medical statisticians, data mangers, clinical research associates, study assistance, image research associates, medical writers and quality and regulatory managers) we produce clinical evidence that is highly relevant to current trauma and orthopedics practices for better patient care.

This video, produced to mark the 60th anniversary of the AO's founding, outlines our origins and impact.

Clinical evidence generated through our clinical studies can be accessed in the form of journal articles, presentations at scientific meetings, final study reports, guidelines, classifications, and/or news announcement on AO website.

How we work

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Clinical evidence: Central to the AO's history

In 1959, Maurice E Müller, a founding member of the AO Foundation, created the AO Documentation Center to share experience and validate the AO methods. In 1967, the AO Documentation Center was formally registered in Bern, Switzerland, as a foundation for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and evaluation of fracture handling/osteosyntheses.

In 1995, the AO Documentation Center was registered in Canton Graubünden and renamed AO Documentation and Publishing Foundation. Today, this is an essential part of the AO Innovation Translation Center.

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