Organizational structure

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Steering Committee

AO Foundation Board representative

Robert McGuire

AO Foundation Past-President


Diversity and inclusion representative

Amy Kapatkin

AO North America president


Professor of small animal orthopedic surgery, University of California-Davis

Mentorship representative

Jaime Quintero L.

MD, Profesor Asistente

Depto. de Ortopedia y Traumatología

Hospital Universitario Clínica San Rafael

Bogota, Colombia

AO Executive Committee representative

Urs Rüetschi

Executive Director Education Development


Tatjana Topalovic

Senior Program Manager Diversity, Inclusion and Mentorship

Task forces



The faculty and leader development task force is about empowering innovative and inclusive faculty and leaders who value our global community and the diversity of our healthcare workers and patients.


To identify, support, and develop healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds and continue to build an organization that reflects our global community to best provide medical care and education to our patients. The AO Access faculty and leader development programs will identify, design and develop diverse, inclusive, and equitable global teams to make a positive impact on patient care throughout our global community. AO is the environment for healthcare professionals to gather and share their knowledge and inspire innovation and excellence in education to deliver evidence-based approaches for best patient care. We take pride in developing passionate and talented groups of diverse faculties and leaders from every background dedicated to providing the best care to our patients and community.

Task force lead

Samantha Morello


Associate professor of large animal surgery, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Emmanuel Menga

AO Spine, North America


Associate professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine/Dentistry, Rochester, United States


Hector Aguado Hernandez

AO Trauma, Europe


Assistant professor, orthopedic and trauma surgeon, Universitario Valladolid, Spain


Nicola Anne Kildea

AO Trauma Asia Pacific


Clinical nurse, orthopedic trauma and emergency theater, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

“The AO has a long-standing history of excellence in developing great faculty and leaders. As the lead for the Faculty and Leader Development Task Force for AO Access, our work will be to figure out how best to leverage our existing solid and proven infrastructure to help attract, include, and promote a more diverse membership.”

Samantha Morello,

Faculty and leader development task force lead



For the membership, leadership, and culture of AO to reflect the diversity and aspirations of its membership and the needs of the patient population that we serve.


To provide guidance and advice to the Clinical Divisions and Clinical Unit to implement a clearly defined, fair and transparent pathway and practices for officer and faculty recruitment and selection that are harmonized and implemented across AO, using best practices that promote inclusivity and ensure equal opportunity.

Task force lead

Matthew J Allen


Professor of small animal surgery, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Waeel Hamouda

AO Spine, Middle East


Assistant professor of Neurosurgery, Cairo University, Egypt

Senior consultant, neurological and spinal surgery


Pedro Jorba

AO Trauma, Latin America


Specialist doctor, orhtopedics and traumatology, Centro M├ędico ABC, Mexico City, Mexico


Jess McCarthy

AO VET, North America


Faculty, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, United States

Lauren Tatman

AO Trauma, North America


Assistant professor of orthopedic surgery, associate director of orthopedic residency program, Washington University, St. Louis, United States

“For the organization to leverage diversity and potential effectively, we need to ensure that the AO is seen as a community for lifelong learning, mentorship, and leadership. The Officer and Faculty Selection Task Force will identify challenges and obstacles to entry and progression for individuals who want to contribute to the work of the AO with the goal of creating transparency and equity for everyone who wants to participate.”

Matthew J Allen,

Officer and faculty selection processes task force lead



Inspire and support the AO global community to collaboratively reach new heights (excellence) and fulfil personal and professional goals.


Transform the lives of mentors and mentees through a global network that enables collaborative learning and facilitates personal and professional growth in an inclusive and sustainable way.

Task force lead

Marinis Pirpiris

MBBS, BMedSci, GradDipEpidBiostat, MEpi, PhD, FRACS, FAOrthA

Associate Professor and chair of orthopedics, Cabrini Medical Hospitals, Melbourne, Australia 


Claudia Medina

AO Trauma, Latin America


Trauma and orthopedic surgeon, Professor ad honorem, traumatology, Universidad de Antioquia and Pontifica, Universidad Bolivariana, Colombia


David Hamlar

AO CMF, North America


Craniofacial and skull base surgeon, Assistant professor, University of Minnesota Medical School Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, United States 


Saeed Qaimkhani

AO Spine, Middle East

RCSEd. B,A, MDU, MBBS, FRCSEd, FRCS (Tr and Orth)

Senior consultant spinal and orthopedic surgeon, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar

Chairperson, Qatar Board of Medical Specialties Orthopedic Examination Committee

Lynette Spalding

AO Trauma Europa and Northern Africa


NHS East of England

AO Trauma, Europe

“The AO Access initiative was developed to attract the very best clinicians to our increasingly global, diverse, and inclusive member-based organization. I look forward to embracing everyone's thoughts and ideas as we develop our mentorship program. AO mentors will encourage and support your personal and professional growth throughout your lifelong journey of learning, teaching, research, and leadership.”

Marinis Pirpiris,

Mentorship task force lead