Ethics and Compliance Committee

An independent advisory body dealing with ethics and compliance at the AO

The AO's independent Ethics and Compliance Committee supervises ethics and compliance matters at the AO, and reports directly to the President, the AO Foundation Board, and the Trustees. It issues advice and recommendations based on independent investigations.

What ethics and compliance means for the AO

In the video below, two members of the AO's Ethics and Compliance committee give an introduction to the AO's Code of Ethics and Conduct, and outline what it means for the AO community.

"It sets the limits on what is acceptable and what is not, for example on issues such as relationships with industrial partners, or in decision-making processes where hard choices have to be made."

Monique Caillat, member, Ethics and Compliance Committee

Assembly of Trustees

The Assembly of Trustees is the "AO parliament," comprising 95 leading surgeons from around the world and 29 Honorary Members.

AO Foundation Board

Find out more about the AO Foundation Board, the AO's governing body.

AO Executive Management

AO Executive Management

The AO’s executive management body reports directly to the AO FoundationB, and includes the CEO and respective executive managers.

AO Presidents

See who has served as AO Foundation president from its establishment in 1984 to the present.

Find out more about ethics and compliance at the AO



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