AO Foundation Board

The AO's governing body

The AO Foundation Board (AOFB), the AO's governing body, is responsible for strategy, target setting, fund allocation to AO units, financial and risk management, compliance and legal structure, and supervision of all the AO's executing bodies.

Florian Gebhard


Tim Pohlemann


Robert McGuire


Christoph Lindenmeyer

Christoph Lindenmeyer

CEO and Vice-Chairman


John Wilber

Trauma expertise

Jeffrey Wang

Spine expertise

Marcelo Figari

CMF expertise

Mark Markel

VET expertise


Anita Ignatius

R&D expertise

Ernst Mäder

Finance expertise


MedTech development expertise

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AO Executive Committee

AO Executive Committee

The AO Executive Committee reports directly to the AO Foundation Board, and includes the CEO, CFO/COO and executive directors representing key areas of AO activity.

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