Medical education research and engagement

The ultimate goal of medical education research is to continuously improve medical education to enhance health professionals' capabilities to better the health of individuals and populations.

Since 2011, the AO Education Institute (AO EI) has been deeply involved in medical education research projects, published in leading journals in the field, and presented at major medical educational conferences. In addition, the AO is actively engaged with prominent associations and societies for continuing professional development (CPD) to share best practices and keep moving forward.

Research in medical education publications and reports

Fellowship in medical education research

Areas of interest

The AO EI conducts studies mainly focusing on the AO framework of quality education.



Competency-based education and curriculum

Faculty development

Evaluation and assessment


Get involved

If you are an AO member and you want our support for an educational research project, please fill out the research proposal template and submit it to

Monica Ghidinelli.

Our engagement

The AO works together with other organizations to promote medical education research, share best practices, and continuously improve medical education.

Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) 

AMEE promotes international excellence in education in healthcare professions across the continuum of undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education.

AO active members:

  • Michael Cunningham
  • Jane Wiedler
  • Kokeb Andenmatten
  • Sandipan Chatterjee
  • Monica Ghidinelli
  • Kate de Boer


  • Participants in the AMEE Surgery Track Steering Committee
  • Contribute to pre-conference workshops, presentations, symposia, and posters since 2011

Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

The Alliance's mission is to promote best practices in continuing professional development by empowering the community of health education professionals.

AO active members:

  • Jane Wiedler
  • Monica Ghidinelli


  • Contributing to workshops, presentations, and posters since 2011

Global Alliance for Medical Education (GAME)

GAME is the global leader in facilitating best practices and collaboration in life-long learning translation into improved healthcare.

AO active members:

  • Jane Wiedler
  • Monica Ghidinelli


  • Chair of Meetings/Education Committee
  • Contributing to workshops and presentations since 2010

The Good CME Practice Group: gCMEp 

The gCMEp mission is to promote professionalism within the European CME provider community. gCMEp aims to enhance the competence of CME providers to deliver high-quality, independent education for healthcare professionals with the ultimate aim of improving health outcomes.

AO active members:

  • Monica Ghidinelli


  • Contributing to workshops, presentations, and webinars since 2015


Monica Ghidinelli
Manager Education Research, Accreditation & Partnerships


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