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The AO has a long and proud history, having changed the world for the better for millions of patients with the standardization of internal fracture fixation. In the last seven decades, the AO has accomplished many milestones, some of which are well documented. With the AO library catalogue and the AO image collection, we want to make a part of our heritage available to the public. For specific research purposes please contact us.

AO library catalog

From the AO's first book published in 1963 to the latest news article about the AO's newest achievement. Find out what we have by searching our online catalogue.

AO image collection

From the Founding Fathers at the first AO Davos Courses in 1960 to the different generations of Intramedullary nails. Take a look at our image collection of historical importance for the AO.

AO Davos Courses gallery

The AO Davos Courses have been our flagship event since 1960. See our archive of images here.

AO history conversations

A look at our past, present, and future

On the occasion of the AO’s 65th anniversary in 2023, Robin Greene talks to AO Foundation founding members Peter Matter and Thomas Rüedi about the AO’s spirit of collaboration and its impact on their careers.  

Publications about the AO's history

Joseph Schatzker

Maurice Edmond Müller—In His Own Words

Peter Matter, Stephan Perren

1992-2012: The Center of the AO Foundation Network

Jean-Pierre Jeannet

Leading a Surgical Revolution

Urs F. A. Heim

The AO Phenomenon

Strauf S, Fohim E, Mitterlechner M (Universität St. Gallen)

Die regionalwirtschaftliche Bedeutung der AO Foundation für Davos und den Kanton Graubünden

Eichler K, Höglinger M, Meier F, Knöfler F, Brügger U (ZHAW)

Evaluation of the health economic impact of the AO Foundation

Thomas Schlich

Surgery, Science and Industry

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