AO Access to success

Broadening your perspectives for better patient care

Welcome to the podcast series developed by the AO Access task forces to broaden your perspectives for personal and professional development exploring dimensions of leadership.

These podcasts will offer personal reflections and insights relevant both to senior faculty looking for leadership opportunities and junior faculty and trainees looking to navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of clinical practice and professional development.

Our invited experts are well positioned to provide perspectives on the challenges faced by medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, and the allied health professions.


Episode 12 - Exploring mentorship practices

Listen to best practices from a paired AO Access mentoring couple on how to build a successful mentoring relationship.

Episode 11 – AO president-elect Tim Pohlemann on inclusive leadership and mentorship

Hosts Marinis Pirpiris and Lynette Spalding from the AO Access Mentorship Task Force speak with AO president-elect Tim Pohlemann on inclusive leadership and mentorship. Don't miss Tim sharing open and honest reflections on being a leader.

Episode 10 – Virtual reality and science education

Hosts Matthew Allen and Pedro Jorba speak with Claudia Arroyo about the future of science education and specifically, how using virtual reality in training could lead to a more inclusive environment.

Episode 9 – IODA, partnerships and driving change

The importance of partnerships: How to model change challenging the status quo: from pipeline programs to cultural differences to selection of leaders.

Episode 8 – Leading transformation for an inclusive environment, with Jeff Wang

Marinis Papiris and Lynette Spalding speak to internationally recognised spine surgeon, educator and researcher Prof. Jeff Wang about inclusion and leadership.

Episode 7 – Allyship in the workplace

How can you be a more inclusive leader; a better mentor and ally? Listen and learn with Brad Johnson and David Smith, authors of "Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women" and "Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace".

Episode 6 – The importance of leadership buy-in to create cultural change

The AO Access Steering Committee - Robert McGuire, Amy Kapatkin , Jaime Quintero and Urs Rüetschi share the strategy of AO Access and the framework used to create culture change in AO.

Episode 5 – Elizabeth Lord on Health Disparities

Health disparities and more specifically gender inequity and racial inequities are rooted in the execution of medical care (operative and/or post-operative). Listen to Elizabeth Lord dispel the notion that achieving equity or eliminating disparities is solely in the interests of those who are on the losing end today.

Episode 4  Florian Gebhard on Artificial Intelligence

Learn from AO President Professor Florian Gebhard about the impact of AI and machine learning and how AI can help us understand unconscious biases to create an AO with equal opportunities for all our members to access upskilling and leadership opportunities.

Episode 3  Erica Taylor on D&I initiatives

Dr Erica Taylor, founder and CEO of the Orthopaedic Diversity Leadership Consortium (ODLC) discusses the need for creating strategies for sustainable change, leadership development and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Episode 2  Charla Fisher on Unconscious Bias

The term unconscious bias (UB), also called implicit bias, refers to the feelings and attitudes we have but are not aware off toward certain people or groups. While UB is not intentional and is not the result of any malicious intent, it can lead us to judge, show prejudice, or stereotype people without realizing it.

Episode 1  Rustin Moore on Culture & Leadership

Hear Rustin Moore share his thoughts and experiences about different leadership styles and characteristics and whether they can and should be altered. Do you think people have innate or learnt approaches and leadership styles? Can you morph from situation to another depending on context?