our Ambition

To further the AO mission, the AO Education Institute advances trusted learning programs for healthcare professionals

Who are we targeting?

Healthcare professionals

With emphasis on

  • Surgeons
  • Operating Room Personnel (ORP)

What is unique?

Trusted, by being

  • Independent
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Evidence-based
  • Based on principles of adult medical educational
  • AO principles and philosophy-based

What are we offering?

Learning programs

  • Based on competency-based curricula
  • Based on outcomes assessment
  • Based on market research
  • Leading to an innovative products portfolio
  • With active lifecycle management

How do we do it?

Advance, through

  • Agile development and piloting of innovative programs and products
  • Active program and product lifecycle management
  • Faculty development
  • Medical education research
  • Partnerships