Regenerative Orthopaedics

Meet the team

Program leader

Prof Martin Stoddart

Program Leader
Focus Area Leader:
Progenitor Cell Biology and Mechanoregulation
Focus Area Leader a.i.: 
Bone Biology

Principal investigators

Prof Mauro Alini

Vice Director
AO Research Institute Davos


Sibylle Grad

Dr Sibylle Grad, PD

Deputy Program Leader
Focus Area Leader:
Disc and Cartilage Biology

Dr T Fintan Moriarty

Focus Area Leader:
Infection Biology

Sophie Verrier

Dr Sophie Verrier


Senior project leaders

Ursula Menzel

Dr Ursula Menzel

Project leader

Hermann Kasper

Hermann Kasper

Dr Christoph Sprecher

Senior research scientists

Dr Matteo D' Este

Focus Area Leader a.i.:
Biomedical Materials 

Zhen Li

Dr Zhen Li

Research scientists

Dr Angela Armiento

Dr Elena Della Bella

Dr Géraldine Guex

Dr Tiziano Serra

Focus Area Leader:
Sound Guided Tissue Regeneration


Dr Keith Thompson

Andrea Vernengo

Dr Andrea Vernengo

Dr Jacek Wychowaniec

Senior technicians

Pamela Furlong

Iris Keller

Robert Peter

Robert Peter

Dr Virginia Post


Nicolas Devantay

Priscilla Füllemann

Post docs

Dr Valentina Basoli

Dr Junxuan Ma

Dr Aapo Ristaniemi

Andrea Schwab

Dr Andrea Schwab


Amra Secerovic

Dr Amra Secerovic

Dr Shahrbanoo Jahangir

Dr Claudia Siverino


PhD students

Romain Bagnol

Romain Bagnol

Nicola di Marzio

Nicola Di Marzio

Phelipe Hatt

Phelipe Hatt

Marloes Hofstee


Yann Ladner

Gregor Miklosic

Astrid Soubrier

Daphne Van der Heide

Daniele Zuncheddu

Alexandra Wallimann


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