Research grants

AO Trauma offers regular funding opportunities for applied research that supports clinical issues. We are continually seeking to define new treatment methods and guidelines to improve patient care and publish valuable information and outcomes.

Funding opportunities

AO Trauma offers the following funding opportunities:

Mini grants

AO Trauma provides regional one-year, stand-alone seed money to support innovative projects. Each region defines the topics of their call.

Large project grants

New and existing concepts and treatment methods are researched and compared thoroughly. AO Trauma defines major research topics which are clinically highly relevant. AO Trauma calls for research grants for those topics from time-to-time.

Open calls

AO Trauma research grants:


Call for pre-proposals: AO Trauma Clinical Priority Program Fracture Non-union

Deadline for application: April 23, 2023

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AO Trauma research fellowships

Research fellowship opportunities for clinicians who want to advance their experience within a research setting.

Research education

Explore the AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AO PEER).

Past research calls

Find a list of past calls for funding for your information.

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