Research grants

Funding opportunities for applied research that support clinical issues relevant to the veterinary field 

From traditional research grants to investigator training

AO VET is working on the development of training grants for young investigators, better opportunities for structured research mentoring of young trainees, and the introduction of new, innovative surgical training courses on best practices in preclinical animal research.

AO VET will also act as a resource across the AO group to facilitate the most ethical appropriate use of animals in research.

Open research grant calls

(Currently no open calls)

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Technology Transfer

Helping drive the development and acquisition of innovative approaches to patient care in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)

This is where the scientists work to improve the performance of surgical procedures, devices, and substances.

AO Technical Commission

The AO Technical Commission is responsible for the development and clinical testing of these devices as well as their educational concepts.