Gain experience within the AO VET community

The AO VET Fellowship Program provides additional experience in AO techniques for young active veterinary surgeons with an interest in orthopedics and musculoskeletal disorders.

AO VET fellowships are between two and twelve weeks long and take place under the guidance of AO VET faculty surgeons at designated University hospitals or private clinics worldwide.


  • AO VET active membership
  • Participation in an AO VET principles or advanced fracture management  course
  • Good command of the host center’s local language and/or English

AO VET Fellowship Program 2023

The call for fellowship application is now closed.

If you have any questions, please contact fellowship@aovet.org

Are you an AO VET surgeon with a strong interest in orthopedics and musculoskeletal disorders and aim to do an AO VET fellowship? Get ready to apply at the next open call for an AO VET short-term fellowship in 2024.

AO VET fellowships aim to enhance orthopedic training and continuous professional development.

They provide additional practical surgical experience in AO VET techniques that you may encounter on a day-to-day. This program is for residents and fully trained VET surgeons who dedicate the main part of their practice to orthopedic trauma care and musculoskeletal disorders. We are committed to supporting future talent to deepen their understanding of fracture care and further develop their skills. AO VET Fellowships also familiarize VET surgeons with the principles, indications, planning, techniques, and complications in the areas of orthopedic trauma care performed at the center visited.

AO VET fellowships are available for AO VET members who fulfill the application requirements for a fellowship and can be granted for a duration from 2 to maximum 12 weeks in one of an AO VET Faculty renowned AO VET fellowship center. The application window for an AO VET fellowship in 2024 will be announced on this website.

New members can also apply, if you are not a member yet, click here to learn more about the membership.

Useful information

Application process

To be eligible for an AO VET Fellowship, candidates must meet the above mentioned requirements and submit the following documents with their application:

  • AO VET fellowship application
  • Curriculum vitae
  • A copy of veterinary medical school diploma
  • A copy of AO VET principles and/or advanced course certificate
  • Two current letters of recommendation (preferably from an AO VET members)
  • If available, a list of publications and/or lectures written or delivered by the applicant
  • Letter of acceptance/confirmation letter from the AO VET faculty surgeon at the host institution
  • Passport copy

For the fellowship the applicant should look for an institution matching his/her level of expertise. Contact and acceptance by the direction of the institution is mandatory before submitting the application forms and must be organized by the fellow. Please note that the host clinic surgeon supervising the fellowship has to be a recognized AO Faculty Surgeon.

Applications are reviewed and approved by the AO VET Regional Boards and final allocation takes place at AO VET Education Committee Meeting towards the end of the year.

Important information

During your fellowship, you will receive a small stipend fund to help cover accommodation and living costs. Please note that travel as well as insurance costs must be funded entirely by the fellow.

Every fellow is requested to keep an online reflection journal (diary) to document all activities that occur during their AO VET fellowship. In addition, a confidential online report must be submitted at the end of the fellowship in order to download the AO VET fellowship certificate.

What types of fellowships are available?

Young, motivated, veterinary surgeons can apply for an AO VET-sponsored fellowship or a veterinary externship at the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)

AO VET fellowships

Two to twelve week fellowships under the guidance of AO VET Faculty Surgeons at hospitals and private clinics worldwide


For more information please contact: fellowship@aovet.org

Veterinary Externships

Gain practical insight in surgery, anesthesia, laboratory medicine, imaging, and preclinical orthopedic research in Davos

“It was a great opportunity to be awarded the fellowship, in which I was able get involved in clinical cases, as well as a research project related to bone fracture and repair in horses.”

Nurul Hayah Khairuddin, Malaysia (Fellowship in 2017 with Prof Dr Raphael Labens at the Charles Stuart University in Australia)