Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about the AO VET membership program

Login and password

  • How do I change my e-mail address?

    After your successful login, click 'Profile'/'Change e-mail/Log-in' at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Don't forget to check your inbox and confirm your new e-mail address within the next 24 hours.

  • I forgot my password. How do I ask for a new password?

    Go to login page and click the 'Forgot your password' link. A new temporary password will be sent to your registered e-mail address. After you confirm it via the link in your e-mail, you can change your password.

Membership benefits

  • How do I become an AO VET Member?

    Click 'Become a member' in the top menu, choose AO VET, then the subscription you desire, and follow the simple instructions provided.

  • What is my dashboard?

    It is your personal website after you login with your email address from the homepage of your clinical division.

  • Where can I access my member benefits?

    After you log in to your profile page, the benefits are listed under the 'My Privileges' section with clickable links.

  • How can I renew my membership?

    Log into your dashboard, and renew or upgrade your membership as follows:

    • Click 'Become a member/AO VET' on top right after log-in and follow the instructions.
    • Click 'Profile/My Profile' on top right after log-in, click 'My Membership(s)' and follow the instructions.
    • From your dashboard, scroll down to 'Settings' and, either click 'I want to… Renew or Upgrade My Membership' or, click your membership under 'My Memberships.'

  • How can I get my membership certificate?

    Login into your dashboard and under 'Settings' select the link 'Print membership certificate.'


  • How can I pay my membership fee?

    By credit card directly online, by bank transfer, or by sending us your credit card information for us to process.

  • How much does membership cost?

    Member CHF 85 (1 year)/CHF 230 (3 years) and Member Plus CHF 135 (1 year)/CHF 365 (3 years)

  • Why will my credit card not work?

    Many times, your credit card company or bank has restrictions on international purchases. If your credit card did not work, please contact your provider to make sure you may make purchases in CHF in Switzerland.

  • How can I get my payment receipt for my membership?

    Just login to your dashboard and under Settings select the link 'View my receipts' and download all your payment receipts.

  • Still couldn't find the answer to your question?

    Please contact us at


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