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AO VET Education Commission AO VET Education Commission - December 2022 (left to right): Stefan Scharvogel, Javier Corral, Mark Glyde (Education Commission Chair), Laurent Guiot, Christopher Tan

Education doesn't end with the medical school

The AO VET educational program includes a variety of activities, resources, and community connections: peer-to-peer courses, e‑learning opportunities, and hands-on experience through sponsored fellowships.

To be constantly at the top of veterinary surgery education, the AO VET Education Commission invests heavily in curriculum development, faculty development, and innovative educational approaches.

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“AO VET was essential in my career development as a veterinary orthopedic surgeon. It has helped me to become a better professional and gave me the opportunity to share this knowledge with other peers from all over the world. For the next years, I hope to be involved in the organization, and to inspire others the same way that I was inspired by my mentor at AO VET.”

Fernanda Paes, MA, MV
Small Animal Orthopedics, University of São Paulo, Brazil