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AO Principles of Fracture Management in the Dog and Cat

Authors: Ann L Johnson, John EF Houlton, Rico Vannini

Published in 2006
(available only in pdf format)
530 pages
450 Illustrations
AO Teaching Videos and Animations on DVD-ROM


This book joins a long line of well-established AO textbooks for the small animal veterinarian. It differs from its predecessors in a number of ways and, as such, seeks new horizons.The contributors, selected for their expertise and knowledge of the subject, provide the reader with practical advice on the management of the commonly occurring fractures in the dog, and cat.

The text is lavishly illustrated with full-color illustrations, intraoperative pictures and radiographs. A comprehensive description of each procedure is complemented by animations and sequences from AO Teaching Videos on a DVD-ROM.

In a departure from previous AO textbooks, chapters provide advice on preoperative preparation, perioperative pain control, anesthesia, radiography, postoperative care, and rehabilitation.

New concepts have been embraced and considerably more emphasis is placed on alternative methods of fixation to bone plating. The indications for biological fracture fixation and anatomical reconstruction are addressed, with illustrated examples of both techniques appearing throughout the text.

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AO Principles of Equine Osteosynthesis

Editors: G E Fackellman, J A Auer, D M Nunamaker
Authors: L R Bramlage, D W Richardson, M D MarkelB von Salis

Published in 2000
(out of print) 
390 pages
500 figures
comes with a CD-ROM containing AO Teaching Videos


This book contains all the latest and best information on large animal osteosynthesis. The CD-ROM gives you easy access to the full AO ASIF Knowledge Base. With simple mouse clicks you can switch from text to figures to animation and to the AO ASIF teaching videos. This is ideal for preoperative planning, allowing you to develop a surgical strategy by working with standardized bones and instruments presented on the screen.

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