Fellowship Host Centers

By providing the opportunity to learn from leading AO VET faculty surgeons at designated University hospitals or private clinics worldwide, the AO VET Fellowship Program offers a unique educational experience, allowing the most promising surgeons to extend their knowledge and skills in orthopedic veterinary surgery.

In 2023, AO VET will support approximately 15 fellowships.

Explore our network of experienced Fellowship Host Centers below. Additional centers can be contacted if the key surgeon of the chosen center is an AO VET faculty surgeon.

Join the network of AO VET Fellowship Host Centers

If you would like your center to join our network, please apply via the online application form and let us know how your center meets the predefined criteria to become an AO VET Fellowship Host Center.

Selection criteria for AO VET Fellowship Host Centers:

  1. Adequate surgical case load
  2. At least one staff member who is an AO VET faculty member
  3. Affordable local accommodation close to the center
  4. Opportunities for fellow to scrub-in, except where prohibited by local legislation
  5. Opportunities for fellow to be called for emergencies and on weekends
  6. A letter of support from the head of department. Please ensure that you have this letter ready before you begin to fill in the online application form.

The eligibility of potential host centers will be determined by your AO VET Regional Board. Thereafter, the AO VET Education Commission (AO VEC) will make the final decision.

For further questions and clarifications, please contact vet@fellows.aofoundation.org.