Experience trauma care as delivered by AO Trauma faculty in one of more than 140 AO Trauma certified fellowship host centers.

AO Trauma fellowship host centers

Discover our fellowship host centers worldwide and join the AO Trauma host center network.

Selection criteria

Find out about the requirements for an AO Trauma fellowship, learn how the application and selection process works.

Visit the Expert

For experienced surgeons, AO Trauma offers a different kind of fellowship, the Visit the Expert fellowships.

AO Trauma fellowship – your next step?

AO Trauma fellowships are not courses, and they do not follow a curriculum. The knowledge acquired depends to a high degree on the initiative of the individual fellow. 

Each AO Trauma fellowship lasts between six and twelve weeks. The selection and allocation of fellows is made by the AO Trauma Regional Boards and the Regional Fellowship Coordinator. Two host center preferences can be listed upon registration. However, the final decision lies within AO Trauma. Due to high demand, it is not possible to accept all applications for the program.

AO Trauma fellowship program

The call for 2023 fellowship applicants is now closed. 

If you have any questions, please contact fellowship@aotrauma.org

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How an AO Trauma fellowship changes your life

“I am always grateful to my attending surgeon and the great team in Bama. This fellowship was a game changer for me.”

Igor Escalante (VE)