Our research is concentrated on clinical needs.
New treatment concepts and methods are researched and compared thoroughly.

Dedication to research

Research training and education

Resources for surgeons who are interested in, or are already conducting research.

Research programs

AO Trauma focuses on two main research areas: bone Infection and patient outcomes.

Research grants

AO Trauma research offers funding opportunities for research that supports clinical issues.


The AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AO PEER) is a collection of resources, reference documents, and learning opportunities designed for health care professionals who want to learn or improve the skills they need to conduct clinical research.

AO research links

AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)

AO’s scientists provide high-end research in surgical procedures, devices, and substances.

Clinical evidence

As part of the AO Innovation Translation Center, the Clinical Evidence center conducts clinical research in accordance to the global standards (ISO 14155 and ICH GCP) with the support of in-house medical and scientific expertise.

AO Technical Commission

Quality guaranteed: approved by the AO.

Innovation funding

Helping drive the development and acquisition of innovative approaches to patient care in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders

AO Global Data

Data is shaping our lives. AO Global Data will fashion data into a tool of unparalleled potency in promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes worldwide. The AO's evidence-based data will become an authenticated source for patients, doctors, researchers, communities, and policy makers to make informed decisions.

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AO Trauma research fellowships

Research fellowship opportunities for clinicians who want to advance their experience within a research setting.

AO Trauma research governance

AO Trauma Research is overseen by the AO Trauma Research Commission (AO TRC).