The passion and dedication of AO Trauma faculty are the driving forces behind the outstanding reputation of AO Trauma’s educational offerings.

AO Trauma faculty development

Faculty development programs

Empowering orthopedic and trauma surgeons to translate theory into practice requires the highest quality instruction. 

AO Trauma faculty development programs are key to helping surgeons become excellent teachers, challenge themselves, and advance their careers at every stage.

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Values of being AO Trauma faculty member

Educate, learn from friends, and become a leader

Speaking of the value of being an AO Trauma faculty member, the first that comes to mind is friendship, the camaraderie that is so tangible among our members, and the personal and professional networks that develop over the course of a faculty career.

Our faculty structure is built on opportunities for teaching. We organize our faculty pool to give each member ample opportunities for teaching in the format at which they excel.

In addition to the personal development that comes with teaching to specialized audiences, our formalized faculty development programs for each stage of the faculty career path are complemented by our coaching program designed to foster your growth as an educator.

AO Trauma faculty members are natural leaders: We select the best educators to teach in our courses and provide faculty development and international experience to propel our faculty on their professional trajectories.

“Faculty is the brain and heart of any educational activity.”

Kodi Kojima, Past Chairperson AO Trauma International Board

Resources for faculty

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What motivates our faculty

“By learning to teach and by teaching what you know it was a lovely opportunity to grow as an individual—both as a teacher as well as someone who can always use the clinical experience learned and gained by being part of the AO.”

Rick Buckley (CA)