Visit the Expert fellowship

Are you proficient in your special field of interest and desire to further improve your approach and technique through learning from a specific AO Trauma master surgeon?

“By completing an AO Trauma fellowship you become part of the AO Trauma community, a worldwide network of orthopedic trauma surgeons.”

Samir Mehta (US)

AO Trauma Visit the Expert fellowships are for surgeons who are proficient in their special field of interest and would like to gain additional expertise by working closely with a particular expert for a short period of time. These AO Trauma fellowships are designed to be with a master surgeon of the fellow’s choice.

They do not have to be at an approved AO Trauma fellowship host center. However, the expert to be visited must be an AO faculty. The fellow is expected to contact the host before applying.

Visit the Expert fellowships have a duration of two to four weeks. Fellows receive a regular stipend, but all arrangements have to be made by the fellow.

Selection criteria for Visit the Expert fellows

AO Trauma seeks to identify surgeons dedicating the main part of their practice to orthopedic trauma care. We want to help these surgeons to deepen their understanding of fracture care and further develop their skills.

Applicants have to fulfill certain criteria:

  • AO Trauma member
  • Completion of Basic Principles, Advanced Principles, and Master level, or specialty courses
  • Working knowledge of local language, or of English
  • Letter of motivation
  • Written confirmation of receiving the applicant by the expert to be visited
  • One letter of recommendation


  • Employed by a teaching hospital

AO Trauma Fellowship program

The open call for the AO Trauma Fellowships in 2023 will be launched in August 2022. 

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AO Trauma Visit-the-Expert Fellowship Program

The call for applications for the 2023 AO Trauma Visit-the-Expert fellowships is now closed.

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