Courses and events

AO Trauma is renowned for its professional courses targeted at orthopedic trauma surgeons and operating room personnel (ORP). Webinars and webcasts are popular additions to the event portfolio.  You can download a list of all upcoming events in your region in PDF format, to print or read online, following this link.

Courses and seminars

AO Trauma courses attract participants from more than 100 countries. Medical professionals can access quality medical education in the field of trauma care no matter where they are based. In addition to this global reach, AO Trauma is responsive to regional and local needs. Regional representatives on the AO Trauma Education Commission facilitate customized solutions.

All our educational events are of the highest standards with more and more of them being developed around a competency-based approach.

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Webinars and webcasts

Webinars and webcasts offer you the opportunity to learn from renowned experts and discuss current clinical topics wherever you are in the world. These live events allow participants to ask questions and receive answers in real-time.

A webinar is an interactive live broadcast of a lecture or presentation on a defined topic; a surgical webcast is an interactive broadcast of clinical procedures delivered live from the lab. 

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Hospital-based education

Hospital-based education supports participants with their learning at the point of care. The modules are short, focused educational sessions on selected topics, such as intramedullary nailing or intraoperative imaging.

The most advanced programs in this area are the clinical training modules for operating room personnel (ORP). These are 2.5- to 3.5-hour, highly-interactive educational sessions delivered by AO Trauma faculty. They support ORP with their continuing nursing education at the hospitals.

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“My clinical and research practice changes dramatically. The amount of knowledge is extremely concentrated and relevant.”

Amr Eisa (EG), Davos Courses 2016