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AO Trauma courses calendar 2023

AO Trauma provides accredited and high-quality educational activities to thousands of surgeons and health care professionals each year. The PDF calendars downloads below are a summary of upcoming events in each region.  Whether it's a wet lab course with human anatomical specimens, a dry lab course, a seminar, or even a webinar, all AO Trauma educational events can be found in the document downloads below.

Calendar for AO Trauma events in Asia Pacific 2024 
Calendar for AO Trauma events in Europe and Southern Africa 2024
Calendar for AO Trauma events in the DACH region (Germany-Austria-Switzerland) 2024
Calendar for AO Trauma events in Middle East and Northern Africa 2024
Calendar for AO Trauma events in Latin America 2024
Calendar for AO Trauma events for nurses, technicians and OR Personnel (Worldwide) 2024
Calendar for AO Sports events worldwide 2024

Registration and details for the most recently created AO Trauma events including webinars, congress symposia and any education activities not listed in the PDF documents can be found online at the course and event finder.


You can explore and find the upcoming courses, webinars or online events interactively, using the AO Trauma Course Finder.



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