Research programs

New and existing concepts and treatment methods are researched and compared thoroughly. Our research is concentrated on clinical and translational research focusing on applications and methods.

Bone infection as an AO Trauma Clinical Priority Program (CPP)

AO Trauma aims to discover solutions to the pressing and costly clinical problem of bone infection. To further the goals of expanding clinical knowledge and improving patient care, AO Trauma has established a CPP. Under the direction of the AO Trauma research commission, AO Trauma has acknowledged the challenge posed by bone infection and defined it as the focus of the new CPP. The CPP bone infection will aim to achieve better understanding of bone infection, provide solutions for the most pressing clinical problems and have a positive impact on patient care. 

Clinical outcome measurements of fracture treatment as an AO Trauma Clinical Priority Program (CPP)

AO Trauma runs a CPP to promote research in the area of clinical outcome measurements of fracture treatment. Particular interest is the development and validation of tools that allow clinical outcome measurements of fracture treatment, however other relevant topics will also be considered. The aim is to support research that will either directly affect the patient outcome, or will generate ideas ultimately translatable to clinical practice.