Research training and education

AO Trauma research training and education offerings are designed for clinicians in all stages of their career from residents to senior surgeons, interested or involved in the planning, realization, and publication of a research project.

AO Trauma Research Olympiad

The AO Trauma Research Olympiad is a thrilling annual event hosted every December in Davos, Switzerland, where selected candidates from each AO Trauma region present their innovative research projects in front of a prestigious jury panel. The competition aims to promote a culture of research excellence among AO Trauma members while also strengthening bonds and competitiveness among regions.

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AO Trauma Research Olympiad

AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research (AO PEER)

AO PEER is a collection of resources, reference documents, and learning opportunities designed for health care professionals who want to learn or improve the skills they need to conduct clinical research.

Research education trainings

Research fellowships

Fellowship opportunities exist for clinicians who want to advance their experience within a research setting. Offered through AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC) and the AO Research Institute (ARI), the following fellowships are tailored to present two diverse, yet valuable, learning experiences and are open to AO Trauma affiliated individuals.

Research fellowships

AO Innovation Translation Center clinical research fellowship

Training and experience in all phases of clinical research this fellowship offers the opportunity to expand your knowledge base on: study planning, monitoring, data analysis, and publication.

AO Research Institute Davos medical research fellowships

Offered through the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) in Switzerland. AO Research Institute Davos fellowships provide motivated surgeons with on-site research training to gain experience in R&D projects which focus on clinically relevant problems.

Stephan Perren AO Trauma Research Traveling Fellowship

This AO Trauma Europe and Southern Africa (AO TESA) observership offers a deep insight into ongoing musculoskeletal system research. You will become part of an international network of researchers and research institutes.

Call for application will open in Q4 2024

Clinical fellowships:

AO Trauma fellowships provides young orthopedic trauma surgeons with the opportunity to experience trauma care, delivered by AO Trauma faculty members in an AO Trauma-certified host center. 

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“Clinical research is essential in our daily practice. It is crucial that we know how to plan and conduct clinical research in the most appropriate way. AO PEER is the place to learn everything you need to know about clinical research”

Frankie Leung (HK), AO PEER taskforce member