Education about infection

The importance of knowledge sharing.

Stephen Kates, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA

AO Trauma is committed to improving patient care and outcomes through high-quality education. Under the AO umbrella, the Clinical Priority Program (CPP) Bone Infection aims to spread the knowledge about treatment, prevention and management of fracture-related infections (FRI), bringing researchers and clinicians together.

The members of the CPP Bone Infection are responsible for disseminating CPP knowledge through publications, conferences, and courses, as well as improving patient care through education about infection.

The aims of the CPP Bone Infection are to:

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  • Produce videos on infection.
  • Provide course on FRI at different AO events, OTA and eCM Conferences.
  • Organize webinars.
  • Provide surgeon and hospitals with "The Prevention Table" as a point-of-service tool.

The pillars of the CPP Bone Infection

Host-pathogen interaction

Learn about how S. aureus adapts to the environment of an implant-associated infection.


Read about the development of new tools to assess implant-associated infections.


Explore how the CPP Bone Infection is running its surgical site prevention program.

Prophylaxis and treatment

Learn about treatment and prevention of implant-associated infections.


Explore the educational program of the CPP Bone Infection.


Read about the first international bone infection registry.


Check the publications of the CPP Bone Infection