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Innovations 2020 showcases the most recent AO Approved Solutions and offers insight into cutting edge treatments and tools across all clinical areas – the aim: to advance patient care worldwide.

Trauma includes an overview of the Advanced Nailing System (TN-Advanced & RFN-Advanced), limited release feedback on the RIA 2 System – including two clinical cases, Hammertoe Continuous Compression Implants, New Templates for the Universal Small Fragment System, as well as an outline about changing concepts of clavicle fracture management.

Veterinary covers the newly approved 3.5 mm LCP Distal Femoral Osteotomy Plate which is indicated for treatment of distal femoral angular deformities and distal femoral fractures in medium to large breed dogs including two case reports.

For CMF, the magazine features an article about current initiatives and work performed in the AO Technical Commission's CMF Task Forces.

Spine includes a case report of a complex C-spine revision surgery performed by Frank Kandziora. The patient was a female 67-year-old internal medicine specialist who had six spine surgeries over the last 22 years and complained of significant load-dependent neck pain, an "awful" crepitation, and bilateral arm pain.

Additional content provides in depth information about the AO ITC structure, its activities, and updates about collaboration projects with the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI).

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The already successful Advanced Nailing System portfolio now offers solutions for extended indications for intramedullary nailing. Focusing on new nail designs and further interlocking options, the system has been expanded with the development of two further innovative nailing systems: the TN-Advanced Tibial Nailing System, and the RFN-Advanced Retrograde Femoral Nailing System.

M. Raschke, Chairperson of the AO Technical Commission Trauma

Pelvic lameness in dogs frequently results from patellar luxation. If substantial femoral varus is a contributing factor, local techniques such as trochlear wedge or block recession and tibial tuberosity transposition may not align the quadriceps mechanism sufficiently, and the problem recurs. Currently available distal femoral osteotomy implants do not match the anatomic contour of the distal femur in many patients. The case reports featured in Innovations 2020 explore the application of the LCP Distal Femur Osteotomy Plates.

M. Kowaleski, Chairperson of the Small Animal Expert Group

CMF has the advantage of being at the forefront of innovations in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. Find out more about the AO Technical Commission's work in this area.”

D. Buchbinder, Chairperson of the AO Technical Commission Executive Board

The Symphony Occipito-Cervico-Thoracic System offers surgeons a new approach to tackling complex cases involving the cervical spine.”

M. Spruit, Chairperson of the AO Technical Commission Spine