Trauma | December 2020

New Templates for Universal Small Fragment System

Christoph Sommer, Mark Lee, Christina Kabbash, Fabio Suarez, Chunyan Jiang, Jong-Keon Oh, Cong-Feng Luo, Karl Stoffel

In 2019, the Universal Small Fragment (USF) System was launched and consists of a core set and eight streamlined modular anatomic implant trays to support small fragment procedures with non-locking, locking, and variable angle locking plate technologies. To enable proper implant selection, we are pleased to report that new templates complement all anatomic plate types of the USF System.

To provide an economical and effective solution, the new templates are manufactured using 3D printing technology and utilizing non-implantable stainless steel. The templates mimic the shape of the respective anatomic plates (Fig 1) and allow reprocessing for repeated use. They are radiopaque, and K-wire holes indicate the location of plate holes (Fig 2). To minimize system complexity, templates are provided for the shortest and most common length of an implant. Determination of other plate sizes can be deduced from straight measurements. The templates are labeled “DO NOT BEND” as they will no longer mimic the partnered implant, and repeated bending can result in template breakage.

The following plate families are supported by the templates:

Upper extremity:

  • Proximal humerus: LCP® Proximal Humerus (PHILOS) and LCP® Periarticular Proximal Humerus

  • Clavicle: LCP® Superior Anterior and Superior Clavicle (with extension and standard), VA LCP® Anterior Clavicle

  • Elbow: VA LCP® Medial Distal Humerus, VA LCP® Lateral Distal Humerus, VA LCP® Posterolateral Distal Humerus, VA LCP® Proximal Olecranon, VA LCP® Olecranon, LCP® Extra-articular Distal Humerus, LCP® Hook

Lower extremity:

  • Proximal Tibia: VA LCP® Proximal Tibia (small and large bend), LCP® Proximal Tibia (standard and low bend), LCP® Posteromedial Proximal Tibia, LCP® Medial Proximal Tibia

  • Distal Tibia: VA LCP® Medial Distal Tibia, VA LCP® Anterolateral Distal Tibia, LCP® Anterolateral Distal Tibia, VA LCP® Posterolateral Distal Tibia, VA LCP® Posterolateral Distal Tibia T-Plate, LCP® Low Bend Medial Distal Tibia

  • Distal Fibula: VA LCP® Lateral Distal Fibula, LCP® Lateral Distal Fibula, LCP® Hook

The new templates will be made available worldwide in a sequential manner beginning early 2021. Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic countries are among those markets where the templates will be released first.



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