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The AO Technical Commission is central to the AO landscape of developing and bringing innovations to market in four specialities: trauma, spine, craniomaxillofacial, and veterinary surgery.

It plays a crucial role in product development and quality assurance, forming an essential link between the AO's clinical divisions, clinical units, other institutes, initiatives, and the AO's global network. Medical experts work together to identify existing clinical needs and to develop new devices and surgical techniques to address these in cooperation with industrial partners. Evidence creation is of high importance in this process to prove the benefit of new developments. The year 2021 witnesses the celebration of the AO Technical Commission's 60th Anniversary. Please visit our history timeline and watch our celebratory video highlighting core milestones.

AO and icotec kick off joint development of a new generation pedicle system

The AO Foundation and icotec ag announce the successful agreement and kick off of their joint development of a new generation pedicle system optimised for compromised bone such as osteoporosis. This innovative system will feature optimized construct stiffness by utilizing icotec's proprietary BlackArmor® Carbon/PEEK composite implant material and the design freedom of its proprietary manufacturing process injection moulding CFM. This collaboration marks the second technology partnership between the AO and icotec.

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Theodor "Theddy" F Slongo, MD, of Bern, Switzerland, is the recipient of the AO Technical Commission (AO TC) 2022 Recognition Award. He has been an active member of the AO TC since 1997 and has chaired several groups, including the External Fixation Expert Group and the Pediatric Expert Group.

As an extremely experienced and world-renowned orthopedic pediatric surgeon, Slongo’s involvement with the AO TC began with the conceptual design and development of new implants for children, perhaps most notably the Titanium Elastic Nail intended for diaphyseal fracture fixation. More recently, his vast experience and innovative mind have driven the development of external fixator systems including the creation of the MAXFRAME® Multi-Axial Correction System, the first solution to provide precise 3D planning, simulation, and correction of complex deformities.

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60 years AO Technical Commission

The year 2021 witnessed the celebration of the AO Technical Commission's 60th Anniversary.

Maurice Müller, a Swiss orthopedic surgeon, was instrumental in the development of internal fixation techniques to treat bone fractures. In 1958, Müller co-founded the Arbeitsgemeineshaft für Osteosynthesefragen and, inspired by the work of Belgian surgeon Robert Danis, Müller developed new tools and fixation implants for orthopedic surgery.

Together with Hans Willenegger, Martin Allgöwer, Robert Schneider, and Walter Bandi, Maurice Müller advanced education and research in orthopedic surgery through the creation of the 'AO Cooperation Agreement' in 1959. Two years later, the five Founding Fathers established the AO Technische Kommission which has been referred to globally as the AOTK for many decades.

Please visit our history timeline and watch our celebratory video highlighting core milestones. 

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Update from the SDSTF

The AO Technical Commission's Smart Digital Solutions Task Force (SDSTF) presents an exploration into wearable-based tracking of functional recovery. Born from insights gained through the AO’s Wearable Technology survey in 2022, the "bring your own device (BYOD) study" sets out to understand the patient's recovery journey post-injury in a novel light.

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Fourth FRI consensus meeting

The AO Technical Commission (AO TC) hosted a consensus meeting on October 11, 2022, on definitions for fracture-related infection (FRI) and nonunion. The event, which brought together global key opinion leaders, was conducted alongside the Orthopaedic Trauma Association’s 38th Annual Meeting in Tampa, United States. 

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Update from the OSSTF

Expert spine surgeons of the AO Technical Commission's Osteoporotic Spine Surgery Task Force and specialists in endocrinology and bone health developed White Papers which are based on literature review and expert opinion and give recommendations for osteoporotic spine surgery in three key focus areas.

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AO Technical Commission Experts Symposia

The Experts Symposia of the AO Technical Commission (AO TC) are well-established events to foster exchange among surgeons and representatives of our industrial partners. It is essential to review the clinical performance of implants, instruments, and surgical techniques to identify potential improvements. This type of information is imperative to justify the initiation of new development projects. Newly developed implants and instruments may not be available or affordable in all countries. Thus, it is important to consider region-specific aspects in the symposia discussions. This is addressed by conducting the AO TC Experts Symposia in various parts of the world: Europe, Asia Pacific, United States, and Latin America.

Since the initiation of the AO TC Experts Symposia in 2006 about 920 surgeons have participated in these interactive events; consequently, this AO TC network is rapidly expanding.

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AO Technical Commission Meet the Experts

The annual AO TC Meet the Experts event at the Davos Courses presents an opportunity for world renowned surgeons to present the latest innovative technology designed to treat fractures and musculoskeletal disorders across CMF, Spine, Trauma and Vet. As a result of disruption to both travel and face to face events in 2020, the AOTC was forced to consider an alternative approach to hosting the Meet the Experts event.

One offering included the preparation of a selection of videos showcasing the best innovations from the last 10 years. The following recordings (all available on the AO Approved Solutions section of the AOF website) were offered to participants of the Davos Courses during last year's digital event.
Technical Commission Meet the Experts.

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