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AO Innovation Translation Center

The AO ITC is the AO's innovation hub. By bringing different AO innovation units under one roof, silos are broken down and ideas flow more freely.


Under the leadership of Claas Albers, the AO ITC explores and channels innovative ideas from the AO global network to realize their full potential, thus generating value according to the AO's core mission. Innovation translation at the AO ITC encompasses the conception and development of clinical solutions and the creation of scientific evidence to prove the added value of new solutions.

Strengthening Innovation within the AO

2020 saw the realization of a new approach to foster innovation within the AO by the creation of a new AO innovation hub—the AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC), which comprises four business units, the AO Technical Commission, Clinical Operations, Clinical Science, and Technology Transfer. The AO ITC brings together AO teams engaged in innovation, streamlines the process, and makes innovation translation at the AO more efficient and agile.

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AO Foundation and Rimasys enter strategic partnership to advance surgical education

In March 2021, the AO Foundation and German-based education start-up Rimasys announced a strategic partnership to join forces in their efforts to develop high-fidelity solutions to educate surgeons. Rimasys technological capabilities and disruptive product portfolio complement the state-of-the-art expertise in orthopedics and trauma surgery that the AO has built with global impact over the past 60 years.

Chris Lindenmeyer, CEO of the AO Foundation, and Marc Ebinger, CEO and Co-Founder of RIMASYS, sat down for an interview with Dankward Höntzsch, MD, who was an early advocate of the synergies of a potential partnership, to provide more information about the future benefits of the collaboration for both the surgeon community and industry partners

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The 2021 annual chairperson's innovation fair goes digital

In February 2021, through the utilization of the Kaltura video platform, members of the Chairs of the Technical Commission joined the AO ITC first ever digital Innovation Fair to learn about development projects approaching approval and subsequent market release.

A total of 15 Intellectual Property protected projects were identified for virtual presentation by the AO Research Institute, Technology Transfer, and our Industrial partner DePuy Synthes. Each project was allocated a dedicated breakout room and participants were able to preselect six project sessions to attend before the event. Project sessions were 15 minutes and included a structured presentation covering product features and benefits as well as an opportunity for Q&A. Two of the 15 projects that were covered in the sessions were the Variable Angle Locking Patella Plating System and the Variable Angle Clavicle Plate System, both of which are covered at length in this year's Innovation Magazine accessed here.

The AO ITC digital Innovation Fair was a significant success, and we acknowledge those involved in the preparation of the event and express thanks to all participants. We look forward to potentially hosting another virtual Innovation Fair in the future.

AO TC Executive Board welcomes a new Chairperson

The AO Technical Commission (AO TC) is delighted to welcome Maarten Spruit as the new Chair of the AO Technical Commission Executive Board (TCEB). Elected in June 2021 at the AO Foundation Board Meeting in Davos, Spruit takes up the position from the outgoing Chair Daniel Buchbinder, who will continue in his current role as Chair of the AO TC CMF. Buchbinder will also continue to lead the annual meetings of Chairs of the AO TC.

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