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Welcome to the latest innovations, produced by the AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC).

Following the successful launch of the AO ITC in March 2020, this format now covers not only the new developments from the AO Technical Commission (AO TC) but also the innovation activities of the Technology Transfer, Clinical Operations, and Medical Scientific Affairs units. You also have the opportunity to read selected articles from the AO Research Institute Davos.

The AO ITC is the AO's innovation hub. By bringing different AO innovation units under one roof, silos are broken down and ideas flow more freely. Under the leadership of Claas Albers, the AO ITC explores and channels innovative ideas from the AO global network to realize their full potential, thus generating value according to the AO's core mission. Innovation translation at the AO ITC encompasses the conception and development of clinical solutions and the creation of scientific evidence to prove the added value of new solutions. Full details on the goals and key activities of the AO ITC can be found in the article "The AO Innovation Translation Center: strengthening innovation within the AO". The information therein also contains an overview of the various opportunities to transform your ideas into clinical reality in collaboration with the AO ITC.

You can access our entire innovations portfolio online through our AO Approved Solutions and the Technology Transfer website. Previous editions of the Innovations magazine are available in the download section.

Latest innovations

News from the AO Innovation Translation Center

News from the AO Research Institute Davos

Locked lateral plating vs. tension band wiring in patella fractures

Investigating the biomechanical performance of the two methods used for fixation of simple and complex patella fractures.

Dynamic screw-suture stabilization system

Evaluating its performance in comparison to a suture-button stabilization of unstable syndesmotic injuries.

Patella plating

Provides superior construct stability.