Biomedical Development

Meet the team

Program leader

Prof Boyko Gueorguiev-Rüegg

Program Leader

Senior project leaders

Jan Buschbaum

Dr Jan Buschbaum

Dr med Dominic Gehweiler

Focus Area Leader:
Medical Imaging

Ladina Hofmann-Fliri

Dr Peter Varga

Focus Area Leader:
Biomechanics and Modeling

Dr Markus Windolf

Deputy Program Leader

Focus Area Leader:
Concept Devel­op­ment

Ivan Zderic


Project leaders

Jan Caspar

Manuela Ernst


Junior project leaders

Dr Jan Barcik

Daniel Ciric

Dominic Mischler

Dr Karen Mys

Manager workshop

Erich Zweifel

Post docs

Peter Schwarzenberg

PhD students

Maximilian Heumann

Antoinne Vautrin


Flurin Spiller


David Ambühl

Meet the fellows, interns and guests

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