AO Technical Commission Certificate of Merit recognizes outstanding contribution to innovation

The AO Technical Commission has awarded Markus Windolf the Certificate of Merit, recognizing the integral role he has played in driving AO innovations forward.

Windolf was presented with the certificate by Michael Raschke, Chair of the AO Technical Commission Trauma, on December 7, 2019 at a meeting of AO Technical Commission Chairs.

Giving Windolf the award, Raschke noted the numerous significant contributions that Windolf has made over the years, specifically for his work on a simplified navigation system based on shape recognition to improve orthopedic procedures, and on a concept that automatically determines the required screw length during drilling. Both of these concepts sparked great interest among the AO Technical Commission's Expert Groups, and are currently in translation to clinical application.

Under Windolf, the AO's Concept Development focus area plays an essential role in driving innovation forward.

Windolf said "It is an honor to receive this award in recognition of all the efforts which have been required to advance these concepts to stages which allow final product realization. The highest reward for every inventor will, however, be to see ideas become reality. There is still some way to go. Medical device development is a bumpy road. There are so many influential factors which must be considered in order to turn a concept into a solution."

"Without the support of my whole Concept Development team it would not have been possible to be so successful. We have achieved this intermediate milestone together. The Certificate of Merit is some extra motivation for all of us and shows that we are heading in the right direction."

Led by Windolf, Concept Development works on innovations and on improvements to currently available solutions in orthopedic care. With so many potential avenues to explore, Windolf emphasizes, team priorities must be clearly set: "You have to focus on the most important topics. It doesn't make sense to try to solve everything at once. Bundling resources and staying focused will be our key to success".

Two other very promising innovations that are currently being developed by Windolf and his team are the Biphasic Plate, an implant concept to install a beneficial mechanical environment for bone healing at the fracture site and the AO Fracture Monitor.