Preclinical Surgery

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Dr Stephan Zeiter

Program Leader
Focus Area Leader:
Preclinical Surgery

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Preclinical studies need to be tailored to the research question. For this purpose, we have a wide range of standardized models at hand and are always ready to develop new models suited to the specific study goal.

Our aim is to develop and implement ethical, translationally relevant and validated animal models for musculoskeletal research. To this end, we are constantly striving to refine the surgical and analgesic techniques of existing animal models. Furthermore, we rely on the expertise of highly qualified staff members with long standing experience in lab animal anesthesia, specialization degrees in laboratory animal medicine (ECLAM, SVLAS) and training in veterinary surgery (ACVS).

Our expertise includes

  • Wide range of standardized preclinical models for musculoskeletal research, infection research and implant testing
  • Customized model development tailored to the study goal and research questions
  • Best clinical practice in veterinary surgery using fully equipped surgical suites
  • Conduction of infection studies under Biosafety level 2 conditions
  • Digital radiography of hard tissue
  • Ultrasonography of soft and hard tissue
  • Computed tomography of all animal models in vivo and post mortem possible
  • Analysis of different blood parameters (eg, C reactive protein, serum level of antibiotics)

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