Medical Imaging

Extensive range of advanced medical imaging services for morphological bone investigations

Dr med Dominic Gehweiler

Focus Area Leader:
Medical Imaging

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The increasing demands for sophisticated morphological bone investigations with extraction of individual and statistical information are addressed by means of medical image acquisition, processing, visualization, and analysis.

Our comprehensive infrastructure comprises a variety of CT scanners with a wide range of resolutions and scanned volumes, as well as a diverse software tools for virtual individual and statistical bone modelling. Various self-developed routines extend the spectrum of the in vivo and in vitro CT applications for investigation of different skeletal locations, bone scaffolds, and diverse outcomes of innovative surgical procedures.

Comparison between mean Asian male (grey transparent) and female (colored) pelvic bone models

Our expertise includes:

  • Micro and clinical CT scanning
  • Medical image acquisition, processing, visualization and analysis
  • 3D fracture analysis
  • Computerized preoperative planning

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Biomechanics and Modeling

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