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For innovative solutions built on the principles of clinical relevance, simplicity, and efficiency

Jan Buschbaum

Focus Area Leader:
Concept DevelĀ­opĀ­ment

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Clinical relevance, simplicity, and efficiency are the directives to develop innovative solutions affecting musculoskeletal healthcare. We aim to improve various steps of operative fracture treatment including: advanced surgical decision making, simplified implant positioning and anatomical reconstruction, systematic implant optimization, reinforcement techniques with application of bone cements, and assessment of bone healing by means of intelligent fixation with smart implants. The highest standards are followed during the entire concept development process—from the idea to proof-of-concept of a clinically applicable solution.
Treatment chain

Our expertise includes:

  • Medical device design and certification
  • Computer-aided design
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Computational simulations and analyses
  • Applied biomaterials

Other focus areas

Biomechanics and Modeling

Medical Imaging

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