Technology Transfer

As part of the AO Innovation Translation Center, the Technology Transfer helps drive the development and acquisition of innovative approaches to patient care in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

The AO offers inventors and product developers a pathway to move their ideas from paper to patients, which includes funding, knowledge leadership, expert insight, proof-of-concept, clinical validation, and valorization.

For early stage ideas you want to apply to strategy fund resources, if you aim to translate your technology into the market, then apply to the development incubator.

The AO funds innovation in a number of ways

Through investment of up to US $3 million over five years, know-how to support securing intellectual property and developing proof of concepts (POC), you can rely on:

Strategy fund for early stage ideas with seed funding aimed for innovative products, services and technologies focusing on:
  • Clinical tools and technologies for any element of the entire patient journey in musculoskeletal disorders, from diagnosis to post-operative care; or
  • Educational tools, platforms or channels for lifelong training of surgeons.
Development incubator for later stage ideas (protectable IP) improving any element of the patient journey, by:
  • Supporting inventors all the way from proof of concept to valorization
  • Strong support by an independent board that approves proposals and consults widely with experts in relevant fields.

As part of the AO ITC, the Technology Transfer drives innovation by:  

- Making strategic investments

- Providing expertise and guidance for AO Technical Commission off-ramp projects

- Delivering innovation projects together with external partners



Clinical Evidence

AO ITC clinical research to global standards (ISO 14155 and ICH GCP), drawing on in-house medical and scientific expertise.

AO Technical Commission

Central to the AO ITC's development and valorization of innovations in trauma, spine, craniomaxillofacial, and veterinary surgery.

Innovation translation

Innovation translation at the AO involves developing disruptive technologies to address unmet clinical needs.

"As part of the AO Innovation Translation Center, the Technology Transfer office offers an opportunity for inventors to take vital steps toward applying their ideas to advance patient care."

Michael Schütz, Chair, Technology Transfer Board, AO ITC
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