myAO puts acclaimed AO Surgery Reference at surgeons’ fingertips

It’s now easier than ever for myAO users to augment their clinical cases with current clinical principles, practices, and available evidence in fracture management: The award-winning AO Surgery Reference (AO SR) is now integrated into CaseFolio on the ever-growing myAO learning platform.

Supporting surgeons’ learning and teaching journeys

Integration of the AO SR into CaseFolio means myAO users now have additional support for their learning and teaching journeys. Cases can be created on myAO with clinical images and matching AO SR modules for discussion with colleagues or preparation for surgery, and myAO groups or secure chat can be used to share and discuss these cases with colleagues or residents and in seeking additional opinions—and recipients can bookmark these cases for future reference. Users can update their cases in CaseFolio with intraoperative, postoperative, and follow-up details and AO SR modules as they go.

Additionally, surgeons can use myAO CaseFolio as a teaching library with real-life cases and AO SR illustrations to support future discussions and presentations. myAO’s CaseFolio with integrated AO SR also allows users to build their own clinical library by bookmarking others’ cases for future reference.

The AO SR at a glance

A powerful online resource for the management of a vast variety of fractures, the AO SR is based on current clinical principles, practices, and available evidence, and is designed to support surgeons’ day-to-day treatment planning, learning, and teaching. It features 91 anatomical areas, more than 900 classified fractures and injuries, over 500 treatment approaches, and 30,000 surgical illustrations.

Launched in 2019 and now trusted by more than 60,000 surgeons worldwide, myAO is the AO’s digital gateway to expertise, education, and innovation, offering surgeons the opportunity to connect with one another and access dependable, verified, content tailored to their needs. CaseFolio—the secure, on-the-go clinical portfolio—joined the myAO lineup in 2022, allowing surgeons an organized means of managing their clinical images and cases and sharing them with the myAO network as well as external surgeons.

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