The AO and RIMASYS: Investing in the frontier of surgical education

RIMASYS’ debut at the 2021 AO Davos Courses of the Shard—RIMASYS’ unique mobile OR theater

Over the course of more than 60 years, the AO has built and fortified its reputation on a bedrock of partnerships between surgeons, researchers, innovators, and educators that has yielded revolutionary surgical methods and premier international educational offerings. Today, the AO celebrates its ongoing collaborative founding spirit with the announcement of the organization's full-stake investment in RIMASYS, a technology-driven health-tech start-up based in Cologne, Germany. 

The cooperation between the AO and RIMASYS centers on a shared strategic vision and our joint work in developing reliable, scalable solutions to engage and educate surgeons. Lifelike fracture simulations, originally RIMASYS’ core technology, have already been used in several AO educational offerings. RIMASYS has showcased their cutting-edge developments in medical education and communication at the AO Davos Courses, where they created an immersive 3D platform bringing our flagship event into the virtual realm, and also where they debuted their unique mobile OR theater—the Shard.  

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