Slongo earns AO Technical Commission’s 2022 Recognition Award

Theodor Slongo, MD, accepting the AO Technical Commission 2022 Recognition Award, Davos, Switzerland, December 10, 2022

Theodor "Theddy" F Slongo, MD, of Bern, Switzerland, is the recipient of the AO Technical Commission (AO TC) 2022 Recognition Award. He has been an active member of the AO TC since 1997 and has chaired several groups, including the External Fixation Expert Group and the Pediatric Expert Group.

As an extremely experienced and world-renowned orthopedic pediatric surgeon, Slongo’s involvement with the AO TC began with the conceptual design and development of new implants for children, perhaps most notably the Titanium Elastic Nail intended for diaphyseal fracture fixation. More recently, his vast experience and innovative mind have driven the development of external fixator systems including the creation of the MAXFRAME® Multi-Axial Correction System, the first solution to provide precise 3D planning, simulation, and correction of complex deformities.

Slongo has continually demonstrated true innovation in product development via his tendency to consider disruptive technologies, often supporting distinct adaptations to surgical techniques and procedures if the result achieves improvements in functional outcomes for his patients.

In addition to his practical ability to help develop new solutions, Slongo is an excellent teacher with decades of experience as an AO educator. He brings broad clinical knowledge to his courses, workshops, and live surgery sessions, and his students appreciate his sharing of an array of tips and tricks for complex situations.

The AO TC honored Slongo for his unflagging dedication to the improvement of patient care by supporting research and development, fostering clinical evidence, and providing his knowledge and experience in education.