The OA-BIO European Consortium awarded a Eurostars grant for its €4,2M project

Press release

The OA-BIO European Consortium, led by 4Moving Biotech, awarded a Eurostars grant for its €4,2M project to develop a life changing therapy for osteoarthritis patients through a biomarkers-driven approach.

4Moving Biotech (France), Utrecht University (The Netherlands), Chondrometrics GmbH (Germany) and AO Research Institute Davos (Switzerland) have received a EUREKA-Eurostars grant award to finance its €4,2M project (OA-BIO) to complete early clinical development (Phase I) of 4P004, a first-in-class disease modifying osteoarthritis drug (DMOAD), and to identify and validate OA imaging and liquid biopsy biomarkers.


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“The OA-BIO consortium breakthrough lies in correlating OA imaging biomarkers with OA molecular ones, to better understand osteoarthritis disorder and its evolution, as well as to follow how the innovative 4P004 treatment will efficiently interfere with the progression of the OA disease. The excellence and the multidisciplinary dimension of the consortium's partners are the guarantee for a successful project”

Prof. Mauro Alini, Vice-Director of ARI