AO joins forces with Davos Digital Forum: Streaming live on January 28 Participation is free

The Davos Digital Forum will be streaming live from the AO headquarters in Davos on January 28, for a special edition that focuses on health. Thought leaders and major business figures from around the world come together at the event to address the most important challenges the sector faces today.

AO President Elect Florian Gebhard's keynote speech titled 'The Future of Surgery' will outline the major recent advances seen in digital technology: surgeons, medical professionals, hospitals, and patients. Florian Gebhard will ask how surgery has changed in the past 170 years since anaesthesia was developed, and how much about it has stayed the same. His talk will cover the partnership between patients and clinicians on the threshold of digital revolution: looking at robot-assisted surgery, genome testing, 3D bioprinting, AI, AR, and VR.

Prof R Geoff Richards, Executive Director Research and Development at the AO, and Manuela Ernst, Project Leader at the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) will give a talk titled Digitized Aftercare in Orthopedics, assessing the potential ways of integrating technological developments into surgical aftercare. Their main example of this will be the novel implant system developed by ARI to provide continuous, objective, data on healing status.

Join the Davos Digital Forum, live from the AO Foundation, from 09:00 to 13:00 CET on January 28. Find out more, and register free here.