Register for the AO Sports Webinar—Arthroscopic Management of Glenohumeral Instability

Join Shiyi Chen, Martin Jaeger, and Amon Ferry, on December 17 16:00–17:00 CET

Renowned shoulder experts Martin Jaeger, Amon Ferry, and Shiyi Chen, kick off the AO's newest offering: AO Sports.

This series of free online events covers topics related to the surgical management of shoulder injuries.

Register now for our AO Sports Webinar—Arthroscopic Management of Glenohumeral Instability, on December 17 16:00–17:00 CET. 

This is the third of three webinars held in 2020. All the AO Sports webinars held to date are free to access on AO videos.

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AO Foundation President Robert McGuire said: "Musculoskeletal care continues to evolve and we, at the AO desire to keep pace and offer the most up to date methods and techniques of treating their patients. The surgical treatment of sports injuries and other soft-tissue conditions around the joints are closely related to classical orthopedic and trauma surgery, however, many innovative techniques for prevention, repair, and reconstruction require specific specialization to achieve excellence in patient outcomes. The AO is responding to the significant global need for unbiased education in this field by creating AO Sports."