AO Davos Courses 2020: The future of medical education

Still time to be part of the AO's flagship event


In just one week, surgeons and operating room personnel across the world will join the AO's flagship educational event: the AO Davos Courses.

For the first time in its 60-year history, the event is being held fully online: prioritizing the health and wellbeing of participants, faculty, and our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our tailor-made virtual platform transports participants and leading faculty to Davos, Switzerland, from countries across the globe.

The dedication to excellence that defines what it is to be AO, is present throughout our interactive online learning experience.

The AO Davos Courses has always been about gold-standard education, but it is also so much more than that. The opportunity to bump into surgical legends in their fields over lunch, by the coffee machine, in corridors. This aspect of one-to-one interaction is replicated in our virtual environment: participants are encouraged to reach out directly to leading faculty members, and senior figures in the AO.

A varied slate of additional events are open to everyone - whether or not they are participating in one of the courses. These include deep-dives into leadership in the medical field, flash inductions into motivational speaking, hints and tips on relaxation during times of stress, and a range of interactive webinars.

Participants will be able to tour the AO headquarters, explore the opportunities to get AO ITC funding for their innovative ideas, and get the most out of the courses and their membership opportunities.

myAO offers participants the chance to continue their AO Davos Courses experience throughout the event, and beyond.

Our virtual environment will be live from December 3. Full and regular updates can be found on